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MOTU Releases MX4 Version 2 and Other Updates for Tiger

MOTU Releases MX4 Version 2 and Other Updates for Tiger


Working to ensure a smooth transition to Tiger for users of all current MOTU products, Tiger compatible versions of MOTU products are now shipping. The updates include new drivers for MOTU FireWire audio interfaces and PCI audio interfaces, plus public betas for MachFive and AudioDesk. Digital Performer is already Tiger compatible.

Also included in the round of updates is the free Version 2 upgrade to MX4, the multi-synth instrument plug-in for MAS, Audio Units and RTAS. All MX4 users can download MX4 Version 2 and begin using it immediately.

MX4 Version 2 is packed with major new features and hundreds of new presets that instantly expand your sonic palette. It all starts with the pulsating, rhythmic textures of MX4 V2's new Pattern Gate, Arpeggiator, Pattern Sequencer and Trigger Sequencer.

The MX4 Version 2 upgrade is a complete install of the instrument and includes a 14-day free trial period. So anyone can download MX4 and immediately enjoy using a new, full-functioning virtual instrument in their favorite audio software, such as Garage Band, Digital Performer, Logic or Pro Tools.

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