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Motif Rack ES Unveiled: Tone Generator Features Motif ES Sound Bank

Motif Rack ES Unveiled: Tone Generator Features Motif ES Sound Bank, Expanded Polyphony and Effects


January 20, 2005

With the rapid growth of project studios and computer-based production, customers now demand versatile, powerful products that can fit into smaller spaces. Yamaha combines the sonic power of the Yamaha Motif ES music production synthesizer and the convenience of a compact 1-RU rack mounted system with the debut of the Motif Rack ES, an ideal addition to any personal music production studio, keyboard workstation or live performance system.

The Motif Rack ES inherits the advanced features of its keyboard counterpart, giving users the creative freedom that is the hallmark of the Yamaha Motif line–an enhanced synthesis engine, massive Wave ROM (175 MB in 16-bit linear format), 128 notes of polyphony, MegaVoice technology and “Phrase Factory” arpeggiator.

Effects processing includes a newly designed Reverb algorithm, eight Insert Effects, 5-band Master EQ and 3-band EQs (per Part in Multi Mode). All data is compatible with current Yamaha Motif ES systems, and hands-on control is never far away with an intuitive user interface and 160 x 40 dot LCD that provides quick access to all functions.

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The Motif Rack ES also supports Studio Connections Recall–a cross-platform total recall solution, and the first product from the Studio Connections initiativebetween Yamaha and Steinberg.

Two slots will accept Yamaha's PLG Series modular synthesis plug-in boards for further expansion. Connections include USB-MIDI interface and MIDI IN/OUT/THRU, plus Stereo, Digital and Optical outs, four individual outputs and headphone jack. The latest editing application software for the Motif Rack ES will be available at, and includes a Voice Editor, Multipart Editor and Studio Manager V2 host software for the latest Windows and Mac platforms. The Motif Rack ES will be available in February 2005 at an MSRP of $1,350.

Yamaha also offers a support and informational site on for the Motif series at

For more information, visit their web site at

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