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Mojo Hand FX Dream Mender - An accurate emulation of a 70's classic in a compact form

Mojo Hand FX Dream Mender – An accurate emulation of a 70’s classic in a compact form, with increased delay time, feedback response, and reliability


Mojo Hand FX has unveiled their newest original design, the Dream Mender Echo/Chorus/Vibrato pedal. This new DSP release is an accurate emulation of a70’s classic in a compact form, with increased delay time , feedback response,  and reliability.

See a couple of Dream Mender videos here:

The Dream Mender features include:
• Controls for Delay, Blend, and Feedback.
• Pushbutton selection for Chorus or Vibrato
• 9v, center negative power supply
• Almost a full second (890ms) of delay time
• Made in USA,  lifetime warranty

$159 MAP/street price.

Go to mojohandfx.com for more info

Since Brad Fee began forming Mojo Hand FX in Texas over a decade ago, Mojo Hand FX has gone on to create a number of well loved classic pedals and a small but devoted following.  After changing hands in 2015, the new owner Jon Cusack has chosen to maintain and now expand the Mojo Hand reputation for well made boutique pedals in the Mojo Hand tradition, and they are now made from start to finish at our facilities in Holland, Michigan.

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