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Modern Jazz Essentials new for Groove Agent

Modern Jazz Essentials new for Groove Agent


Steinberg announced the immediate availability of the Modern Jazz Essentials expansion set for Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4.

Covering a vast range of music styles, Steinberg’s content sets offer beautifully crafted libraries for several of its virtual instruments. Groove Agent is the veteran drum instrument that already includes a variety of rhythmic elements and sounds, but also boasts numerous supplementary libraries catering to the individual needs and ready to energize any production.

Modern Jazz Essentials provides further jazz grooves to Groove Agent’s Acoustic Agent, with its rhythmic intricacy being a direct influence from modern jazz music. Its included VST presets encompass the available Styles and drum kits, each with their own mixer settings and different time signatures and tempo.

Florian Haack, senior marketing manager at Steinberg, commented: “Modern Jazz Essentials perfectly complements the countless expansion libraries meanwhile offered by Steinberg. For all jazz music producers or jazz players looking for easy-to-use drum patterns, Modern Jazz Essentials along with Groove Agent is the perfect fit for you!”

Availability and pricing

Modern Jazz Essentials is a Groove Agent expansion set exclusively available through the Steinberg Online Shop for $24.99, shipping included.

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Features at a glance

10 modern jazz Styles for the Acoustic Agent drum kits in Groove Agent.

Each Style is featured in a VST preset, which comes with a dedicated mixer setting.

Styles can also be used as MIDI Grooves in your favorite DAW.

Grooves cover a range of different tempi and time signatures.

Each Style includes main parts, intros, endings, and fills.

Easily explore and embrace the subtle nuances of modern jazz drumming.

Quickly create sophisticated drum tracks.

Inspired by outstanding contemporary jazz artists.

An almost infinite resource for creating backing tracks, inspiring new compositions, and improvisation.

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