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MODELmaker Software Now Available for Neuron VS

MODELmaker Software Now Available for Neuron VS


Previously only available to Neuron keyboard users, Hartmann Music has now released MODELmaker for use with the Neuron VS virtual instrument.

Using the MODELmaker software, you can analyze your own sample material and bring it into the Neuron VS Software synthesizer. The graphical user interface helps to arrange, prepare and playback different sample formats and finally render a model out which can then be loaded into Neuron VS.

Neuron VS is built around the same sound engine found the Neuron Hardware Synthesizer. Neuron VS includes 2 Resynators, the Blender module, the Mod- and Slicer Module, a Silver Unit (Multimode Filter plus Time and Frequency Effect unit) and 7 ADSR Shapers. Unlike the Neuron Hardware Synthesizer, Surround capabilities, 4 levels / 4 times Shapers, high-end Delay and Reverb are not included. A custom hardware controller with four assignable rotary encoders and a stick controller is included.

MODELmaker is a free download for registered Neuron VS users, and runs on Mac OS 9/X and Windows. A PDF manual is included. A software update for Neuron VS is expected soon as well.

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