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Mindprint Launches T.R.I.O Recording Solution

Mindprint Launches T.R.I.O Recording Solution


Created for the home recordist, TRIO not only includes a channel strip complete with true analog vocal EQ and Compressor, but also adds essential mixing features with an additional EQ-equipped stereo line input, AUX and DAW inputs and a comprehensive monitoring solution.

“Working with computer setups for recording ourselves, we always felt it was too involved to get a nice home recording setup going — fast”, comments Ruediger Forse, Mindprint's Product Manager. “You had to surround yourself with lots of little boxes, wall-warts — and plenty of cables — before you had the recording, monitoring and mixing aspects covered. So we wanted to create one good-sounding box to cover it all — from recording aspects to monitoring and mixing to great AD/DA conversion. Simply plug T.R.I.O into your sound card, hit record and go!”

The channel strip section provides an instrument- and Class A microphone-input with phantom power and 10 kOhm impedance for optimal sounding results. The analog EQ's were designed to make it easy to get the vocal sound right. The Compressor's Adaptive Response mode is taken from Mindprint's high-end DTC Dual Tube Channel Strip and requires only one knob.

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T.R.I.O includes all essential mixing features required in a typical home recording setup: Mic./Instrument, Stereo Line, Stereo AUX and DAW return may all be used simultaneously. The dual headphone amp has separate volume controls – and the latency-free monitoring mixer's dedicated controls ensure instant access.

T.R.I.O also sports a mixing desk's complete monitoring section with talkback, MONO, DIM and MUTE functions, outputs for 3 pairs of speakers – and a dedicated overall volume knob. The on-board S/PDIF digital interface simplifies the integration with any digital setup.


  • 1 Mic/Instrument input (Class A, Phantom Power)
  • 3 stereo line inputs (Line, Aux, DAW)
  • Channel strip with low cut filter, 2 band EQ and compressor
  • Analog insert
  • 10-segment LED meters
  • Zero Latency monitor mixer
  • 3 switchable speaker outputs
  • 2 separate headphone amps
  • Talkback Function, MONO / DIM
  • Dedicated Monitor Volume knob
  • S/PDIF optical digital interface
  • 24bit/96kHz max. digital resolution
  • Dedicated hardware knobs: 18 rotary, 15 switches
  • Power supply via included AC adaptor

T.R.I.O will be shipping in February 2005

MSRP: US $ 549 / UK 299 / EUR 439

For more information, visit their web site at www.mindprint.com

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