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Mig Music release Virtual Wavestation Sample CD Rom together with


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Mig Music release Virtual Wavestation Sample CD Rom together with 'Buy One Get One Free' Offer

Mig Music has sampled and produced a new sample CD called the 'Virtual Wavestation Sample CD Rom' which contains 508 Korg Wavestation Samples in both WAV and AIFF formats. This sample CD rom captures the excellent sounds of the unique sounding Korg Wavestation synth and includes sweeping synths, evolving analogue sounds,warm synth pads, unmistakable wavesequences, lush strings, cool brass, nice electric pianos, weird synth fx, fat analog synths, clean digital synths, crystal clear bells and quality organs. The sounds are great for electronic music, trance music, ambient music, film and tv soundtracks, atmospheric music, chillout music and futuristic sounding music of all kinds.

The Virtual Wavestation Sample CD Rom RRP is £24.95 but as an introductory offer until 28 February 2007 it can be ordered online for just £14.95 using visa, mastercard or paypal
from Customers can pay in either UK pounds sterling, US Dollars
or Euros and then their sample cd will be posted by airmail for free to wherever in the world they live within 24 hours. Once puchased, the sounds can be used without payment of royalties.

Readers will be interested to hear that included in the introductory special offer, we will give anyone who buys the Virtual Wavestation Sample CD Rom before 28 February 2007 a free copy of the Mig Music Tr808 Midi Dance Collection (worth £19.95) which contains 512 Trance/House/Techno Midi Drum Patterns in Standard Midi File Format which will help you put together cool midi drum tracks for your music.

Ebook = Equipping Your Home Recording Studio
FREE EBOOK - Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

This 'Buy One, Get One Free' introductory special offer and discounted price is available until 28 February 2007.

I would be grateful if you would consider publishing a news story about the Virtual Wavestation Sample CD Rom
as I am sure your readers will be interested in it. Also if you would like to review this sample cd rom I can post you a copy if you let me know your mailing address and who to address it to.

I would be grateful if you would let me know if you publish a news story about this product release and if you have any
questions regarding this matter please don't hesitate to contact me.

Warm Regards & Have A Good Day

Miguel Poza

Sound Designer/Business Owner



P.S. Mig Music have produced music products such as synth sound collections for a variety of software and hardware synths as well as midi drum pattern collections. We have had several reviews and news items printed in Future Music, Sound On Sound and Computer Music magazines over the years and our news stories often appear on the Harmony Central website too.

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