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Mercurio Electric Guitars Offers Interchangeable Pickups


August 20, 2004

Mercurio Guitars has launched a new line of innovative electric
guitars, featuring patented interchangeable pickup technology. Mercurio guitars
enable any standard pickup — from any manufacturer — to be installed into
a pickup module, which can then be installed in the guitar in a matter of seconds.
A single guitar can provide a huge range of sounds just by swapping pickups
as desired.

The lineup of guitars includes:

  • Classic S — Traditional double cutaway design with pickguard
  • Modern S — Double cutaway with maple cap, no pickguard
  • CarveTop S — Double cutaway with 5/8″ sculpted maple cap
  • Classic T — Traditional single cutaway design, “slab” style
  • Modern T — Single cutaway with forearm and tummy cuts

Mercurio offers a complete line of finish options, including solid and metallic
colors, bursts, transparent/dyed, metal flake and “chameleon” finishes. A wide
variety of exotic woods are available in addition to traditional tone woods
for the guitar's construction. Fancy maple and other figured tops are available
as an up charge. All models are available in solid body or semi-hollow construction.

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  • Pickup Interchange. Change pickups in and out in seconds.
  • Works with any standard pickup: Humbuckers, single coils, P90s, etc. from
    any manufacturer.
  • Supports both active and passive pickups. Active pickups can be used simultaneously
    with passive pickups.
  • Volume leveling. Pickup modules have their own preset output level settings
    to enable good balance when combining high and low output pickups.
  • Impedance matching. Each pickup module has its own tone/impedance settings
    that provide for the correct “loading” impedance, from 1Meg Ohm; down to
    18.5K Ohm. Humbuckers can be set for 500K Ohm impedance, and single coils
    to 250K Ohm, for example.
  • Flexible Switching. With the push-pull tone knob down, switching works
    like a conventional 5-way switch. With the tone knob up, the 5-way switch
    is governed by an array of DIP switches on the back of the guitar, allowing
    complete control of pickup selection, phase reversal, series/parallel summing,
    and coil tapping/splitting.
  • Use your own pickups. Pickup modules can be ordered ready-to-go from the
    dealer, or you can have your own favorite pickups installed into pickup modules.

Mercurio Guitars are made in the USA. Base MSRP for both the “S” and “T” models
is $2999.00. Pickup modules are sold separately, and are priced at $85.00 +
the cost of the pickup.

For more information, visit their web site at

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