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Meinl Introduces Mb20 Series Cymbals

Meinl Introduces Mb20 Series Cymbals


Meinl cymbals announced their latest cymbal innovation, the Mb20 Series, designed for an aggressive sound.

Cast from B20 bronze alloy, completely hand hammered into shape, and applied with a brilliant finish, they were developed to meet all the requirements for today's hard hitting drummers playing loud music. Their high-polished surface along with deep hammer hits gives them a stunning look and adds more brilliance to their sound, according to the company.

All Mb20 cymbals are harmonically matched, enabling the drummer to pick a musical set of cymbals without any disturbing harmonies. They blend in with each other perfectly as well as with the other instruments in the band.

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The Mb20 ride cymbals which feature a wide spread bell with an enormous thickness. It has a defined, cutting, and focused ping sound. Meinle states they are suitable for fast ride patterns, especially those that are played on top of a double bass figure due to its ability to cut through loud band settings without unwanted build up.

Suggested Retail Prices:

  • 14″ Heavy Soundwave Hihats US$ 600.00
  • 15″ Heavy Soundwave Hihats US$ 650.00
  • 16″ Heavy Crash US$ 360.00
  • 17″ Heavy Crash US$ 395.00
  • 18″ Heavy Crash US$ 430.00
  • 19″ Heavy Crash US$ 470.00
  • 20″ Heavy Crash US$ 500.00
  • 20″ Heavy Ride US$ 500.00
  • 21″ Heavy Ride US$ 560.00
  • 22″ Heavy Bell Ride US$ 610.00
  • 10″ Rock Splash US$ 200.00
  • 12″ Rock Splash US$ 225.00
  • 18″ Rock China US$ 430.00

For more information, visit their web site at

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