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Mayhem Effects Bundle Now Offered in RTAS Format for OS X


December 15, 2004

Originally released in March, 2004 for VST hosts, the Mayhem bundle of plug-ins, aimed at musicians who are tired of trying to coax extreme effects out of standard software plug-ins, has now been ported to RTAS OSX for ProTools.

Included in the Mayhem package:

Filterpod: Combining DSP models of analog filters and saturation distortion, Filterpod is a low-pass filter with bite. Its aggressive resonance is enhanced by an adjustable distortion stage, and an internal oscillator provides wide and deep frequency sweeps.

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Master Destrukto: Master Destrukto combines wave warping, asymmetric clipping, sample-rate and bit-depth reduction, and overdrive (based on a model of a vintage guitar pedal) into one destructive plug-in. Each of these effects can be used independently or together.

Crush: Unapologetically in your face, Crush is a compressor which celebrates compression artifacts. Crush makes your drum loops pump and breath like never before, and flattens and boosts your vocals to relentless levels. Crush comesin two flavors tailored to mono and stereo applications.

TimeFnk: Something old, something new, TimeFnk is a delay plug-in with tempo-synchronized delay times. To emulate the grunge of digital delays of yesteryear, TimeFnk incorporates a resonant low-pass filter and adjustable sample-rate reduction. A tempo-synchronized LFO modulates the filter frequency and panning position of the delayed signal. Switchable feedback routing lets you choose between repeats that decay cleanly or disintegrate into sonic murk.

The Mayhem package is available for immediate download from the Audio Damage website for US$119.00.

For more information, visit their web site at www.audiodamage.com

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