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Mapex Unleashes the Ferocious Sound of the Black Panther Drum Set Line

Mapex Unleashes the Ferocious Sound of the Black Panther Drum Set Line


Mapex opens the new year with an entirely new drum set class based off the iconic Black Panther Snare Drum series. Beginning with the Blaster drum kit in 2011, the Black Panther suite will feature unique drum sets for unique drummers.

“Since 1997 the Black Panther snare drum has been the drummers choice for snares all over the world. This success is based on the fact that drummers can find a snare that fits their own unique sound,” says Joe Hibbs, Product Manager for Mapex Drums. “We closely examined the many Black Panther shell formulas offered over the years. After much testing and listening we found a few of these shell combinations to be perfect for this new breed of drum set .”

The Black Panther line continues the world class heritage of the Orion series, which was immensely popular with professional players. Based on advanced acoustic technology and featuring a wide variety of unique shell compositions, each Black Panther series kit is modeled after the snare drum from which it is derived.

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The Blaster kit will feature thin maple shells (5.1mm toms and 7.2mm bass) with walnut sound-shaping rings (3.4mm) that will give drummers a full bodied sound, very direct and powerful. Each drum will be accented with brushed black chrome hardware and Remo Renaissance Ambassador heads.

“The Black Panther drum set line is yet another example of the Mapex commitment to provide an instrument that speaks to the artist side of every drummer ,” says Hibbs. “It is all about hearing something in your head and then having an instrument that brings it to life.”

The Blaster series will be available on a very limited basis for a very limited time, beginning January 2011. The second half of 2011 will feature the second release in the series, the Velvetone, with more models slated for release in 2012 and beyond.

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