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Mapex Pro-M and M Series Sets Now All Maple

Mapex Pro-M and M Series Sets Now All Maple


July 26, 2004

Mapex Drums has announced that their most popular M and Pro M Series drum kits will now be crafted exclusively from pure maple shells. Previously manufactured with maple and basswood, M and Pro-M drum sets will now be produced entirely from maple. These all maple kits will be available for under $2,000 (MSRP), carrying retail prices between $1295 and $1999.

Available in as many as 10 configurations, the drum shells will now feature 7-ply, 6.1mm North American maple, mirror finished with 8 coats of hand rubbed lacquer. All Pro-M drum sets include Mapex professional quality double-braced hardware and Remo drumheads. The snare and toms are equipped with 2.3 mm rigid steel Mapex power hoops. Pro-M kits also feature exclusive off the shell, I.T.S. isolation tom mounting systems, floating floor tom legs and un-drilled bass drums with I.T.S. mounted tom holders. Pro-M kits will be offered in 9 different colors, carrying an MSRP of between $1295 and $1999, including the comprehensive Mapex warranty.

Mapex M Series drum shells will now be manufactured using 9-ply, 7.2mm maple. Retailing between $1299 and $1689, M Series drums will feature the same 8-coat, high gloss, hand rubbed lacquer finish process as their Pro-M counterparts, and will be available in five different opaque colors. M Series kits include a throne and are offered in seven exciting configurations, all with the Mapexwarranty.

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For more information, visit their web site at www.mapexdrums.com

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