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“Maniac” by Afficial


Helleo my name is Damien From the group Afficial, and we are curretly looking for a record deal. We are based in Philadelphia P.A and we have been rapping for 11 years now. We were singed to nolimit records in 2000. We were also feature on 11 albums for no limit records.

Like good side bad, side getto postage from master p, lil romeos 1, and 2 second albums lil romeo,and romeo land, C-murders and trap in crime, 504 boyz, balling, Tru Last album, souja slims last album, and silk the shockers albums. We are currently working on our own project now Called the busniess plan we drop the first single maniac 2 months ago and we had a video release party for it it did well.

we have lil kids,young adults and older adults asking for the ring tone for maniac. we are now working on the album the business plan weare almost done, but in the mean time we are getting ready for the next video. we are going to hit the college campuses this time around. is where you can hear are latest music like Afficial soldiers, and purp by the pound. we are doing everything on our own to show people that we are willing to invest into are self, and if people see thatsomebody might invest in us. Iam 27 years old and Ukon (Wayne) is 25. We are very mature and we are will to work. this rap game is nothing to play with and as you see we are seroius. Please give us a chance. peace

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