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Maneco Introduces NanoSampler Pedal

Maneco Introduces NanoSampler Pedal


Designed to be a modern version of classics such as the PDS series or the original 16 seconds delay, the NanoSampler incorporates modern features like nonvolatile memory, up to 40 seconds of sampling, reverse, double/half pitch and time,overdub, and smooth pitch shifts. Lo-Fi and normal modes are provided for samples and delays, which are capable of self -oscillate, for sci-fi, ufo and soundscape textures.

Control include three footswitches (bypass, rec/play, and hold/overdub), three knobs (time/pitch, blend, and feedback), and four toggle switches (reverse, lo-fi sound, double/half pitch/time, and memory protect on the rear panel).

The LED above the rec/play switch is a bi-color LED that is green when in play mode, and red in record mode. Press the record footswitch once, it starts recording. Press it again and the recorded audio starts looping. The Overdub footswitch allows “sound on sound” over the recorded material so you can build multiple layers of sound. Switching the pedal into bypass mode will end playback. When activated again, the pedal starts playing the loop from the beginning.

For use as a delay, the rec/play switch can be tapped for the desired time, and the overdub footswitch must be in on mode. The number of repeats are controlled by the feedback pot, and it self oscillates at higher feedback settings.

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Smooth pitch shifts can be achieved by turning the time/pitch pot. It also modifies the length of the loop or delay. The lo fi switch provides filtering to emulate an analog-style delay, which the memory protect switch prevents recording or overdubbing so you won't accidentally destroy your work. The reverse toggle switch makes the loop play backwards. If you record with the reverse engaged, it starts looping in reverse as soon as it goes into play mode. Overdubs over a reversed loop play forward.

Maximum recording time is 40 seconds, and recorded audio is saved even when powered off. An external power supply is included. The metal chassis is complemented by wooden sides.

Price: $347.

For more information, visit their web site at

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