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Mako Amplification Debuts MakoPlex Head


June 4, 2004

The latest design from custom amp craftsman Andrew Solner, the MakoPlex,
will begin shipping soon. The amp is based on the lead channel of the Custom
Hundred Watt, Mako Amplification's flagship model.

In response to customers needing a shorter wait time for Mako amps, the MakoPlex
allows a faster production turnaround. It carries the same lifetime warranty
and handcrafted “point to point” construction quality that Mako Amplification
is known for. This amp covers clean to mean, but is really designed to satisfy
hardrock and metal players.

The first run of MakoPlex is 100% handbuilt from scratch at Mako, by Andrew,
including cabinetry and transformers. Subsequent runs will outsource labor
to meet demand.

The MakoPlex is a dual input 100 watt single channel high gain head powered
by 4 12ax7 preamp and 4 EL34 output tubes. It includes a series efx loop with
a loop level control on the front panel. Front panel includes: high gain input,
low gain input, preamp, bass, middle, treble, loop, master volume, and presence.

The MakoPlex ships in Mako's standard wood shipping crate, and costs $1650
plus shipping and/or taxes.

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