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Make professional songs easily: The new Music Maker is out

Make professional songs easily: The new Music Maker is out


Making Music has never been so easy. MAGIX has made Music Maker even more intuitive so that both new and experienced beat producers can take full advantage of the creative possibilities. The legendary software for loop-based music production now features a new, customizable user interface, an optimized arranger for increased clarity and improved MIDI editing.

“Since the introduction of the free Music Maker in March 2017, we have attracted more than 3 million new users to Music Maker. That's why it was particularly important for us to make workflows more intuitive. With the new Music Maker you can produce your own songs at a professional level in no time at all – with or without prior knowledge,” says Matthias Trautwein, Music Maker Product Owner.

New look and customizable interface

The Music Maker is now available in a new modern flat design. Additionally, the program offers a individually customizable user interface. The window layout in the Music Maker can be selected and adjusted to arrange Soundpools, instruments and effects according to personal preference and needs.

Optimized arranger

Thanks to the optimized arranger, loops can now simply be dragged beneath an existing track to create a new track. The track header now includes volume control and can be minimized in size to create even more space in projects.

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Even better MIDI editing

Thanks to MIDI optimizations, MIDI devices can be connected to a PC or laptop and melodies can be played on the MIDI keyboard or beats with the drum pad controller in a matter of seconds. Using the MIDI editor, notes can then easily be added, moved or deleted. Music Maker's new Trimming function makes it possible to combine a looped MIDI object into one object. This way, melodies and beats can be adjusted in a song at lightning speed.

New start dialog with tutorials, tips and tricks

The completely redesigned start dialog now includes introductory videos, tutorials as well as valuable tips and tricks in order to help learn Music Maker's functions and workflows even better. Users can expand their knowledge on how to use Soundpools, instruments and effects or how to unlock additional functions and editions from the store – clearly arranged at a glance when starting the program.

Exclusive content starting from the Plus Edition

Plus Edition users benefit from numerous additional Soundpools, features and instrumentswith a total value of over € 260.


Starting with the Premium Edition, all music producers can enjoy exclusive content worth over € 900. The two new coreFX bundles allow control of the finest sound nuances. The bundles contain five mastering and three delay effects, which provide even more possibilities to change the tone of sounds, loops, instruments or vocals. Additionally, Premium users receive the full version of SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12 – a professional audio editor for cutting and editing sounds, loops and audio tracks with high-quality studio effects and for creating seamless transitions without noise. Furthermore, it is possible to create custom samples for use directly in Music Maker.

Preise und Verfügbarkeit:

  • Music Maker – free
  • Music Maker Plus Edition – $59.00 / £49.00
  • Music Maker Premium Edition – $129.00 / £109.00
  • Music Maker Control Edition – $169.00 / £139.00
    (Music Maker Premium Edition + USB-Keyboard)
  • Music Maker Performer Edition – $199.00 / £169.00
    (Music Maker Premium Edition + novation Launchkey Mini)

Find out more at www.magix.com/int/music/music-maker/




MAGIX is an international provider of multimedia software. Founded in 1993, MAGIX offers beginners and professional users a technologically advanced and at the same time user-friendly range of products for editing and publishing videos, photos, websites and interactive VR experiences. According to sales figures (Gartner market research), MAGIX sits in the top five successful companies in its sector.

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