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Mackie Control C4 Introduced


October 28, 2004

The Mackie Control C4 is a plug-in and virtual instrument controller that provides four banks of eight V-Pots each, and four full-size displays that provide instant access to as many as 32 software parameters-virtually eliminating the need to constantly “bank switch” a standard control surface display in order to access parameter-rich software modules.

The C4's chassis layout features multiple displays and corresponding knobs for simultaneous access of up to 32 parameters of a given software module. Function buttons beneath the displays and knobs allow users to select the arrangement of those parameters and how they show up on screen. The Mackie Control C4 also acts as a “quick fix” tool for fader and pan settings across 32 channels, and can be used independently or in concert with Mackie Control Universal, Logic Control, as well as Mackie Control Universal and Logic Control Extenders.

At the time of publication, the Mackie Control C4 is fully supported by Logic Pro 7 and Cakewalk announced intentions to add support to SONAR, with other software support to be announced in the near future. The Mackie Control C4 is currently shipping to authorized U.S. dealers and carries a manufacturer'ssuggested retail price of $1,299.00 USD.

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