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Mac the Scope 4X Reaches Version 4.2

Mac the Scope 4X Reaches Version 4.2


Update to Mac the Scope 4X Audio Analyzer Released

Dual Channel Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum Analyzer Polar Plot


Spectrum Analyzer 3D Waterfall Plot

March 27, 2004

Channel D announced an update to its Mac OS X native audio signal analyzer and signal generator suite, Mac the Scope / Waavebox. Mac the Scope 4X 4.2 comprises a versatile signal generator, vector FFT analyzer, sonogram, time domain RTA and more.

The new version, compatible with Mac OS X 10.2.3 – 10.3.x, includes enhanced support for CoreAudio, as well as:

  • AppleScript support (sample scripts included)

  • New documentation

  • Third generation Precision Swept Sine Analyzer

  • Improved Delay Finder

  • Updated installer, and much more.

Pricing ranges from $49 to $449 depending on the configuration, which is customizable. The upgrade is free to users who purchased a license to Mac the Scope 4X. A full-featured, time-limited demo is available for download.

For more information, visit their web site at

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