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M-Audio Unveils ProSessions Premium Instrument ReFills


July 26, 2004

M-Audio announced ProSessions Premium Instruments for use with Reason's
NN-XT sampler.

ProSessions Premium Instruments were designed in collaboration with sample
library developers Sonic Reality. In addition to their sampling and editing
prowess, Sonic Reality is known for their extensive collection of vintage gear,
much of which has been owned by stars or used on hit recordings. Each title
in the ProSessions Premium Instruments library focuses on one or two specific
instruments, including meticulous sub-sampling, subtle playing variations and
custom mapping using the full programming potential of Reason's NN-XT sampler.
The result is a tour de force electronic replica without rival. All samples
are available in 16- and 24-bit versions, allowing users a tradeoff between
overhead and quality. (While Sonic Reality has their own library of 20 volumes,
there is a clear delineation between the product lines: Each Sonic Reality
title delivers a wide variety of instruments with fewer variations on each
one. They are also delivered exclusively in 16-bit format.)

The initial release of ProSessions Premium Instruments includes 11 volumes:

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Volume 1: Premium Grand C7 — The legendary sound of the Yamaha C7 grand piano
captured by Sonic Reality in 16- and 24-bit resolution for Reason's NN-XT sampler.
Turn Reason's NN-XT into a dedicated virtual piano with a variety of piano
patches that range from 100MB to over 200MB in size. .

Volume 2: Premium Acoustic Guitar — An acoustic steel string guitar multi-sampled
for Reason's NNXT sampler, sampled from a Larrivee acoustic 6-string guitar.
This virtual guitar features automatic alternating up-and-down picked notes
and automatic note-off fretboard slides that intelligently trigger upon release–plus
mutes, slide ups, ghost taps, strum mutes, and harmonics that are conveniently
mapped to keyboard notes and velocities for extremely dynamic performance.

Volume 3: Premium Cathedral Organ — Experience the 16- and 24-bit sound of
a quadraphonic and 5.1 full pipe organ coming out of Reason's NN-XT sampler.
Sonic Reality sampled a monstrous 5,000-pipe organ specifically for this library–and
there are even true cathedral reverberation samples triggering upon release
of the keys.

Volume 4: Premium String Ensembles — Experience string ensembles of violins,
violas, celli and contrabasses with expressive articulation using Reason's
NNXT sampler's advanced features–in both 16- and 24-bit. Play legato style
with automatic alternating of up-and-down bow strokes–even play slow and light
or loud and fast, all within the same loaded patch. Get inspired by performance
patches with different combinations of string sections programmed with arco
attack elements, detache releases and true tremolo strings that fade in with
the mod wheel.

Volume 5: Premium Solo Strings — A collection of solo violin, viola, cello
and contrabass samples. Play violins with alternating up-and-down bow strokes,
a marcato-style cello solo, or an all-in-one performance patch mixing together
a live playable string quartet within Reason.

Volume 6: Premium Brass — Your orchestral sound collection would not be complete
without a selection of solo and ensemble classical brass sounds. Premium Brass
brings French horns, tubas, trombones and trumpets to Reason's NN-XT sampler.
You get sustained mellow, bright, muted, stacatto and other articulations,
both as individual instruments and combined into premium brass performance

Volume 7: Premium Woodwinds — A selection of solo and ensemble classical
woodwind samples for Reason's NN-XT sampler. Sampled in multiple dynamics in
both 16- and 24-bit, Premium Woodwinds brings clarinets, flutes, oboe, bassoon
and other orchestral winds to the hands of Reason users. This volume features
sustained vibrato, non-vibrato, breathy to full, staccato and other expressive
articulations–both as individual instruments and combined into premium woodwind
performance patches.

Volume 8: Premium Choirs — The powerful, moving sound of male and female
classical choirs captured in 16- and 24-bit for Reason's NN-XT sampler. Play
oohs, aahs and more with individual male and female vocal ensembles, or special
performance patches that combine both male and female voices into a mega choir
complete with moving vowel tones controlled by the mod wheel.

Volume 9: Premium Orchestral Percussion — Round out your orchestral ReFill
collection with a assortment of symphonic percussion, plucked and mallet-struck
instruments and more. This collection features timpani, vibraphone, marimbas,
concert harp, xylophone, triangles, crashing cymbals, congas, bongos, blocks
and more–mapped chromatically. Add cymbal swells, the rumble of timpani mallets
and more to your symphonic masterpiece.

Volume 10: Premium Drum Kits — Sampled in 16- and 24-bit, this expressive
collection features automatic alternating hits at a multitude of velocity layers,
expressive control over 64 hits per snare from edge to center to rim, ghost
notes, left and right stick rolls, brushes and more. There's also a selection
of custom and vintage snares multi-sampled for the highest degree of realism
possible within Reason.

Volume 11: Premium Rhodes — This ReFill offers both Rhodes and Wurlitzer
sounds. The Rhodes sampled here was used on several Earth, Wind and Fire albums.
The sound is reminiscent of the early '80s MK II ballads, yet has plenty of
grit when you lay into it. The multi-sample layering is impeccable. Also included
is an early 1953 tube “Fleckstone” model Wurlitzer, the original type used
almost exclusively by The Beatles.

Premium ReFills are expected to ship in mid-August, and will carry an MSRP
of $99.95.

For more information, visit their web site at

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