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M-Audio Ships IE-40 Professional Reference Earphones

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Thursday November 30, 2006

M-Audio®, a division of Avid Technology, Inc., a leading provider of creative tools for computer-centric musicians, is proud to announce the availability of the new IE-40 high-definition professional reference earphones. Featuring patented Ultimate Ears™ triple-driver technology, the IE-40 reference earphones build on the success of M-Audio's popular IE™ series by continuing to make Ultimate Ears reference earphones technology accessible to a wider audience.

The IE-40 professional earphones deliver the finest audio fidelity available. This superb fidelity is achieved through the use of three separate high-definition, precision-balanced armature drivers for high, mid and low frequencies. Armature drivers—the same technology used in Ultimate Ears' premium custom earphones—deliver extended high frequencies, clear, precise mid-tones and superb natural bass. In addition, they are significantly smaller and more accurate than comparable dynamic drivers. The IE-40 reference earphones' audio crossover network routes each frequency to the appropriate high, mid or low driver—exactly the same principle used in the finest studio monitor design.

The IE-40 professional reference earphones also incorporate Ultimate Ears' proprietary dual-bore design to deliver a wider sound stage through separate acoustic canals for high and low channels—thus allowing the sound to mix naturally in the ear itself. In contrast, multi-driver, single-bore designs mix the highs and lows inside the earphone, which narrows the sound, creates audible turbulence and ultimately lowers musical fidelity.

The IE-40 earphones provide 26dB of sound isolation. This greatly diminishes outside noise to deliver a purer listening experience—without the loss of sonic detail that occurs with noise-cancellation technology. Sound isolation also helps protect the ear by allowing the user to hear critical musical nuances at lower volumes. The included universal fit kit features an assortment of foam and silicone tips, allowing users to customize the fit to insure optimal isolation and comfort for hours of listening. The replaceable 46" cable enhances the longevity of this precision instrument and features professional, shapeable over-ear loops that help prevent cable snags. The IE-40 professional reference earphone package includes a 1/4" adapter, protective metal carrying case, flexible attenuator/limiter, cleaning tool and user guide.

As with the entire M-Audio IE line, the IE-40 professional reference earphones employ patented Ultimate Ears technology to deliver an unparalleled personal listening experience. With the same triple-driver architecture, dual-bore design and sonic signature as Ultimate Ears' renowned custom monitors, the IE-40 earphones provide a premium solution that fits any ear at less than half the price.

"Through our partnership with Ultimate Ears, M-Audio has brought professional quality and tremendous value to reference earphones across a wide range of budgets," says Adam Castillo, M-Audio's marketing director. "Thanks to their triple-driver, dual-bore design, the IE-40 reference earphones raise the bar once again, delivering simply the best fidelity available in this type of product short of investing significantly more in custom models."

The IE-40 reference earphones are currently shipping and carry an USMSRP of $499.95.

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