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M-Audio Introduces O2 USB MIDI Controller


October 6, 2004

New from M-Audio is the O2–an ultra-thin USB MIDI controller. Small enough to fit in a bag along with a laptop, the compact O2 is perfect for throwing down bass lines, programming drum patterns, triggering effects and tweaking virtual studio parameters–whenever and wherever the muse calls.

The M-Audio O2 follows in the footsteps of the company's Oxygen8 keyboard controller. M-Audio O2 features 25 full-size, half-action, velocity-sensitive keys, along with eight MIDI-assignable knobs, eight MIDI-assignable buttons, and assignable volume slider. A sustain pedal input is also provided. The knobs, button and slider can be assigned to any MIDI continuous controller value or note on/off value as appropriate. Other MIDI support includes program, Bank LSB, Bank MSB and SysEx. The unit features five non-volatile memory locations allowing users to store controller setups and the Enigma software editor/librarian provides for unlimited memory storage on Macs and PCs. (Enigma is a free download for registered owners.)

The M-Audio O2 can be powered either from the USB bus or a 9V DC external power supply (optional). The unit is class-complaint with both Windows XP and Mac OS X for plug-and-play compatibility. Minimum system requirements for Windows are any system running XP (SP1). Minimum system requirements for Mac are OS X 10.1.5 or greater. For Mac, a native USB port is required and G3/G4 acceleratorcards are not supported.

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The M-Audio O2 is currently shipping and carries a price of USD $179.95 MSRP.

For more information, visit their web site at

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