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Los Cabos Drumsticks bass drum mallet

Los Cabos Drumsticks bass drum mallet


Los Cabos Drumsticks, Canada’s largest drumstick manufacturer, has extended their line of percussion tools to include a new Bass Drum Mallet, the BD1-H.

The new BD1-H mallet features a tapered hickory handle to reduce damage from rim shots and improve product lifespan, and a hard-felt ball head for quick rebound and pronounced articulation. The BD1-H mallet is the first product from Los Cabos Drumsticks specifically made for use on a marching bass drum and perfectly complements their existing marching drumstick models; the Parade and the Concert. The BD1-H mallet is scheduled for official release at NAMM 2019.

Product Specifications:

Materials: Hickory wood (handle); felt (Ball head)

Dimensions: 14” long x 1.6” (diameter at ball head) or 0.78” (diameter at base)

For more information about Los Cabos Drumsticks and their products, please visit or like and follow us @loscabossticks on Facebook and Twitter and @loscabosdrumsticks on Instagram!

Los Cabos Drumsticks, 29 Millennium Drive, Hanwell, NB, E3C 2N9

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