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Our A&R department occasionally features music from our website visitors. Our visitors are invited to write a commentary about how their music was made. Sometimes their spelling isn't all that good.

Thursday November 30, 2006

The chord progression on this song was with me for a while, and came together shortly after the death of my friend's mother. She was on my mind all during the recording, and I used her personal motto as the title, in dedication.

I recorded it with PTLE and an 003 rack. The instruments are played by me. The drums were sequenced in PT with some illicitly obtained samples of a famous producer's drum sounds. Other than light EQ, verb, and parallel compression, there is little treatment of drums. The bass was a cheapie Fender played direct through a Presonus BlueTube preamp, duplicated, and the two tracks EQ'ed for low- or high-frequency emphasis and blended.

There are a bunch of guitars on this track, including a 12-string, a six-string, clean electric, dirty electric, and distorted. I recorded the acoustics with two Sterling SDC's in an X/Y pattern, aimed at the neck joint. I decided against reverb, due to the delay used on the lead guitar and the reverb on the amps. The electrics are an Ibanez hollowbody for clean, blended in low with the acoustics; a Tele through a Line6 2x12 combo on "Vox AC30" setting for the dirty; and a Fender Showmaster for the distortion, run through the Line6 on "Soldano" setting. The lead is the Fender through a Marshall 2x12 combo. I miked up the electrics with a SM57 and an early 70's Shure 55S on the same speaker, close to the grillcloth, at the edge of the dustcap.

There is a small piano effect panned low to the side with lots of weird verb, and a synth pad that comes in with the intro, chorus, and bridge, panned the other way.

I would like to add real drums and remix it sometime later. For now, I hope it comes across well, since I'm starting to get the hang of this recording thing.

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