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LinPlug Introduces SaxLab Wind Instrument Synth


September 6, 2004

SaxLab is a forthcoming VST/AU-format wind instrument synthesizer
with several unique features. SaxLab uses multi-sample playback of wind-instrument
samples and incorporates a specially designed four-voice crossfade system
to create more realistic wind instrument sounds.

SaxLab's key features include a wide range of preset waveforms, an effects
section that includes chorus and reverb, as well as extensive real-time modulation
options. Special attention has been paid to making the performance controls
as rich and responsive as possible, so that the instrument can be realistically

SaxLab is the successor to Dash Signature's popular TubiLeSax VST instrument,
adding many new features and an improved sound engine. An upgrade path from
TubiLeSax to SaxLab will be available for registered users of TubiLeSax.

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SaxLab contains a range of features including:

  • Many different SoundSets for various saxophone instruments.
  • Monophonic multi-sample playback with internal four-voice crossfade.
  • Adjustable mix of three sound layers for each note: the “Air” layer, the “Keys” layer
    and the “Pitched” layer.
  • Air/Keys and Pitched sound layer crossfade point is set by MIDI velocity.
  • User-definable, velocity-sensitive amplitude envelope.
  • Tonal characteristics of the instrument's overall sound can be defined
    by the user.
  • Real-time control of the instrument's brightness.
  • Three modes of mono performance: Legato, Retrigger, Alternate
  • Control of PitchBend and Glide.
  • Random pitch deviation and body frequency deviation per note.
  • Envelope, LFO and MIDI-controlled vibrato and tremolo.
  • Stereo chorus and stereo reverb effects.
  • Simple tuning selection via a “one-click” menu.
  • MidiLearn available for every control.
  • Sample accurate timing, full automation and settings are saved with the

System Requirements:

  • VST2.0 or AU capable host software,
  • Macintosh, Mac OSX 10.2.6 or higher, 750 MHz or higher CPU
  • PC, Windows 95 or higher, 750 MHz or higher CPU

Purchase: SaxLab will be available in Autumn 2004. Licence Fee: to be announced

For more information, visit their web site at

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