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Line 6 Unveils LowDown Studio 110 Bass Combo Amp

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Thursday November 30, 2006

With superb tone, and flexibility for live and studio use, LowDown Studio 110 offers sonic flexibility in a convenient 1' foot cube with 75-watts and a custom-designed 10-inch speaker.

"Studio 110 offers pure rock bass tones in an affordable combo designed for the gigging and recording bassist on the go," said Darrell Smith, manager of amplification and sound design, Line 6.

LowDown Studio 110 has four essential bass amp models and an incredible bass synth that deliver dialed-in tones for everything from classic funk to modern rock and beyond. LowDown Studio 110 also features a modeled vintage studio compressor, headphone out, CD/MP3 in for jam-along, a studio quality XLR direct out with Line 6's exclusive Bass POD® amp and cab modeling that's the "go to" for studio direct recording and a line level Preamp Out. "Using the LowDown Preamp Out, you can easily take your tone from studio to stage simply by jacking into the house or rehearsal studio rig," explained Smith.

MSRP:LowDown Studio 110 (1x10 - 75-watts) $349.99, ($249.99 Street)

Also available:LowDown LD150 (1x12 - 150-watts) w/ Tilt Back monitor design $399.99LowDown LD175 (1x15 w/horn - 175-watts) $499.99LowDown LD300 Pro (1x15 w/horn - 300-watts) $599.99

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