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Limited Edition Hand-Wired Vox AC30 Announced

Limited Edition Hand-Wired Vox AC30 Announced


July 21, 2002

VOX announced a Limited Edition run of hand-wired AC30 amplifiers to be made available worldwide later this year. Great care has been taken to preserve the pristine design that made the AC30 a classic, while adding several enhancements for the ultimate in top-of-the-line VOX amplification. Two new AC30 products are being offered: the AC30HW 30 Watt 2 x 12″ combo and the AC30HWH 30 Watt head plus CV212LTD 2 x 12″ speaker cabinet.

The amplifier chassis of both the combo and head feature completely hand-wired tag board assembly, all tube design, and custom hand-wound transformers. The transformers are exact replicas of the Albion transformers used in the original AC30s, and can be used as drop-in replacement parts for vintage VOX AC30s. The new hand wired AC30s feature a single VOX Top Boost channel, twin inputs (High and Low), and a Master Volume circuit derivative of the one found in VOX's AC15 combos. The new AC30s offer highly interactive Bass and Treble tone controls, as well as the VOX Tone Cut (which varies the presence in the power amp section) control for even greater tonal variations. Classic Tremolo with variable Speed and Depth adjustment is also included, marking the first time in the history of the AC30 that Tremolo has been available on a Top Boost channel. Another first for the AC30 is the incorporation of a tube driven Accutronics reverb unit with Level and Tone controls.

The AC30HW combo and CV212LTD speaker cabinet feature two 12″ classic VOX/Celestion AlNiCo Blue speakers. These models, as well as the AC30HWH head, are housed in sturdy birch ply construction cabinets, and feature a commemorative “Hand Wired” plaque. Other features include On/Off and Standby switches with indicator lights, along with a dual footswitch for controlling Tremolo and Reverb.

The new AC30 combo, head, and speaker cabinet will be available 4th Quarter of 2002 for suggested retail pricing as follows:

AC30HW $4,000.00
AC30HWH $3,250.00
CV212LTD $1,350.00
For more information, visit their web site at

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