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“Lilly” by Little Clay Rocket


To record this track, we went in to a local studio in our town. We recorded 3 tracks all together. Our method was pretty basic. We made sure we had all of our songs DOWN before we even set foot in the studio.

First, we had the drummer in the big live room, and the sax, guitar/vocals, and bass all in respective iso. booths. The bass amp was mic'd and DI'd, the guitar was mic'd, the lead vocals were mic'd, and the sax was mic'd. we played through the song. We focused on just the drum and bass tracks, and everything else was scratched.

We then went in and recorded all the guitars, all the lead vocals, and all the sax tracks separately on a separate day. Once we got those all perfect, we called it a day with some good rough mixes. We then took those home, and banged out all of the harmony vocals.

We would listen to the tracks and sing along to make sure we had them all perfect. On the last day we went in and did all of the harmony vocal tracks separately. Once those were all perfect we began to do the final mixes. As for actual equipment, we didn't pay too much attention, we really trust the engineer we were working with.

Our drummer plays a Yamaha recording custom kit, out guitar player plays a Taylor 414 grand auditorium, out sax player plays a P. Moriat tenor. Our bass player plays an Ibanez SRX 700 through an old Ampeg rig. We tracked all of out stuff onto RADAR, supposedly Pro Tool's “big cousin” It's a digital hard disk system like pro tools, but with a different sort of interface, and different converters.

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We used a Neotek Elite console (64 trakcs I believe?…) As for drum mic set up, all 5 toms were miced, the snare had an SM57 on it, the bass drum had a bass drum mic and an old speaker on it, and there were 2 overheads and a hi-hat mic. It was a great big live room, so the drums sounded great. Home recording is always a great adventure, but going into a professional studio like that is always really cool too 🙂

Further information is available at www.myspace.com/lcrband

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