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Legend Dan Armstrong Passes Away at Age 69

Legend Dan Armstrong Passes Away at Age 69


June 10, 2004

On June 8, legendary designer Dan Armstrong passed away, reportedly
suffering from a massive stroke or heart attack.

Dan Armstrong made a lasting mark on the music industry with his creations.
Among his most well known and memorable designs would be the plexiglass guitars
and basses, making their appearance in the 60's and reissued by Ampeg much
more recently, and the classic Orange Squeezer compressor that simply plugged
directly into a guitar's 1/4″ jack. Other Dan Armstrong designs include the
Purple Peaker and Green Ringer effects.

Even after reaching the traditional age of retirement, he didn't stop creating
new goodies for musicians. Together with Vintage Tone Project, he created the
Orange Crusher, an updated version of the classic Orange Squeezer in a pedal
format, and drove development of the recently patented Articulator effect,
designed to emphasize and bring out dynamics in instruments. According to the
Dan Armstrong web site he's also been involved with the design of a new guitar
amp and several other products that were expected to be announced in the coming

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