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Lectrosonics Introduces Three New Additions To The SM Super Mini Transmitter Line

Lectrosonics Introduces Three New Additions To The SM Super Mini Transmitter Line


Right from the starting gate, the SM transmitter fills a niche for users who want an incredibly high-powered, cost-effective, advanced wireless transmitter in a remarkably tiny and splash-proof package.

The first of the three new additions to the SM family is the SMD (SM-Dual) transmitter using two AA batteries and therefore doubling the battery life of the original unit. Next is the SMQ (SM “Quarter Watt”) transmitter which has been designed to deliver 250mW power for longer range and greater resistance to interference than the standard SM (100mW transmitter) – also using two AA batteries. And finally the RM (Remote unit) was created for programming and operation of the SM transmitter family, including the new SMD and SMQ units. The RM communicates with the transmitter via a proprietary audio signal through the transmitter's microphone so it does not rely on line of sight, as do infrared systems. This allows the transmitter to be buried in a costume and still respond to commands updating operating frequency, audio level, sleep, control surface lockout, etc. The RM is supplied with a lanyard and quick-release mechanism for ease of deployment in the field.

The key features of the SM transmitters include their ability to function in the Digital Hybrid™ mode, without the hindrance of an analog compandor in the signal chain or the headroom limiting pre- and de-emphasis found in many other systems. Delivering 107dB signal-to-noise ratio and flat frequency response to 20kHz, Lectrosonics' patent-pending Digital Hybrid Wireless technology uses both 24-bit digital audio and analog FM signal transmission methods to encode a digital signal into a robust analog format for transmission over a UHF FM carrier. The SM's receiver captures the signal and DSP circuitry recreates the original digital audio. This unique system represents the best of both wireless worlds: exceptional digital audio quality, combined with the spectrum efficiency and long range of highly optimized FM wireless systems.

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