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L.R. Baggs Introduces iMix System for Acoustic Guitar

L.R. Baggs Introduces iMix System for Acoustic Guitar


July 12, 2004

The LR Baggs Co. has developed a new onboard mixing system for acoustic
guitars. The iMix pairs the IBeam and new undersaddle pickup, the Element,
with a miniature all discrete class A FET preamp stereo mixer.

With its adjustable mid contour controls for both the iBeam and Element, and
low cut for the iBeam, a dialed-in sound is available for just about any guitar.

The soundhole-mounted dual controller, the Remote Control II, is a big advantage
for stage use. It attaches non-destructively to the underside of the soundhole,
and puts master volume and mix controls at your fingertip. You can have a dual
source sound without thr need for a bunch of outboard gear or to cut your prized
guitar for an onboard preamp.

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List Price: $329. Available now.

For more information, visit their web site at

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