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Kreative Sounds Releases SequenceK Loops Pack

Kreative Sounds Releases SequenceK Loops Pack


SequenceK Loops is a collection of high quality and original electronic drum loops. It contains not only groovy drum beats, but also ambient, metallic, noise and reverse drum rhythm loops. The loops come in ACIDized Wav and REX2 popular format. Each sound is sliced carefully, making it very easy to make completely another drum pattern.


  • 75 original and royalty-free loops
  • each loop is a signature sound on its own, you'll not find processed variations of the same loops
  • all loops are 44KHz/16bit RX2 and ACIDized WAV, these formats are compatible with all audio applications.

The full version costs 14.50 EU / $17.50 USD for and is available to purchase online from Kreativ Sounds eShop.

For more information, visit their web site at

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