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Korg Takes Triton to the Extreme

Korg Takes Triton to the Extreme


January 18, 2004

Korg's TRITON line has been taken to new heights with the release of TRITON Extreme — a music workstation/sampler that delivers all the features that have made the TRITON popular, plus many new sounds and enhancements.

TRITON Extreme has a generous 160 MB of wave ROM, sampled at 48 kHz. Included is a broad selection of new samples, including acoustic and electric guitars, woodwind and brass instruments captured with their natural vibrato, organs, authentic choirs, and an all-new concert grand piano. Also included are the entire sample sets from Korg's best-selling Trance Attack, Orchestral Collection, and Vintage Archives expansion boards, as well as the best of Korg's Dance Extreme, Studio Essentials, and Pianos/Classic Keyboards collections, plus the complete TRITON Studio ROM.

From this massive ROM, Korg has created 1,334 programs, 50 drum kits, and 1,280 combinations, each consisting of up to 8 Programs, split, layered, zoned, and velocity-allocated across the keyboard. In addition, General MIDI Level 2 Presets contain 256 programs and 9 drum kits.

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Twin tone generators provide 120-note polyphony. In Korg's Hyper Integrated synthesis system, each oscillator is processed with a multimode filter and multiple envelope generators for precise, accurate sound shaping. Two LFOs each offer 21 waveforms, and can be synchronized to the built-in arpeggiator, sequencer, or outboard MIDI gear. 42 alternate modulation source (AMS) types and 51 modulation destinations are also provided, as well as dual polyphonic arpeggiators with 489 preloaded patterns.

Adding power to TRITON Extreme's internal sounds is a 12AU7 dual-triode vacuum tube — a first for a keyboard instrument. Korg's Valve Force circuitry can be used as an insert effect, or applied to the final outputs for added warmth, fullness, and power. External sources can also be sampled through the Valve Force circuitry for a distinctive 'tube' quality. A new Ultra Boost feature pumps up the bottom end of the sound without muddying it.

In addition to synthesis capabilities, TRITON Extreme is a 16-bit, 48 kHz sampler. It features Korg's exclusive Open Sampling system, which allows direct access to sampling functions from the Program, Combination, or Sequencing modes, as well as from the Sampling Mode. In Sequencer mode, a unique “In-Track Sampling” function allows external sources (vocals or guitar for example) to be sampled in real-time while a song plays. Sample-editing tools include time-slice, loop, truncate, and time stretch. The Extreme is compatible with .WAV, AIFF, AKAI S1000/3000, and Korg format sample data. AKAI programs can be loaded with their performance settings intact. The standard 16 MB of RAM can be expanded to a maximum of 96 MB using common SIMM chips.

Users can also sample and resample directly to CompactFlash, then burn completed songs to an external CD-writer via a USB Port A. This port can also be used to connect various forms of USB storage including hard drives and portable USB Flash drives. USB Port B allows the built-in CompactFlash slot to be accessed by a computer, for easy file sharing.

TRITON Extreme features Korg's exclusive TouchView graphical interface, plus a host of Realtime controls, including a joystick, ribbon controller, multi-purpose knobs, and two assignable switches. Inputs and outputs include main left and right stereo outputs, four assignable individual outs, and S/PDIF digital In and Out. Two analog audio inputs with adjustable gain and Mic/Line level switching allow sampling from most sources and access to the internal effects. MIDI connectors and footswitch ports are also provided.

A 16-track, 200-song, 200,000-note sequencer offers step time, real-time, looping, and pattern-based recording. SysEx recording allows creative mixdown and effects automation. Song templates and a Cue List are included as well. Five insert effects (102 types), two stereo master effects, and a master EQ effect (89 types) offer a total of eight simultaneous effects. Multiple timbres can be routed to the same insert effect, and effects can be chained.

TRITON Extreme is available in 61- and 76-key synth-action models offering variable velocity and aftertouch, and an 88-key version with Korg's exclusive RH2 keybed that adds a progressive graded hammer action for authentic piano feel. Six voices of DSP synthesis/modeling (as used in the legendary Korg Z1) can be added with the optional EXB-MOSS synthesis expansion board.


  • 61-Key: $2,800.00
  • 76-Key: $3,250.00
  • 88-Key: $3,750.00

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