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Kontakt 2-Ready Versions of PMI Pianos Announced

Kontakt 2-Ready Versions of PMI Pianos Announced


PMI is using the latest developments in Native Instruments' sampling software to bring the sampled piano to a new level of realism and expressiveness. Using the new engine created for Kontakt 2, PMI's updated pianos provide:

  • Sympathetic resonance;
  • Sostenuto and softpedal;
  • IR-based ambience and stereo imaging;
  • IR-based body resonance;
  • Total freedom of tuning;
  • Surround Sound Mixing;
  • Seemingly unlimited dynamic range and responsiveness;
  • 24bit samples;

Sympathetic resonance is perhaps the major breakthrough of these new features. By using Kontakt 2's scripting technology, this very important effect that was missing in sampled piano libraries has been “unleashed”. The principle is simple: when a key is pressed on an acoustic piano, the strings for the keys which are already pressed vibrate sympathetically. The fundamental and overtones of the struck string generate vibrations in the corresponding non-struck strings that start to “sing”. Every note played is going to excite all the other open strings and change their overtones. Previously every note on a sampled piano always used to stand alone and play the same every time.

Sympathetic resonance in PMI piano libraries is achieved by using scripts. These scripts have an interface which allows ultimate control over each generated harmonic as well as integration with sustain, sostenuto and soft pedals.

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The Kontakt 2 versions of Old Lady, Emperor, Bosendorfer 290, Grandioso Steinway D and Yamaha C7 are available in PMI's on-line store and through selected dealers/distributors. The Estonia and the a 96kHz piano will follow shortly. All the new PMI piano Kontakt disks will ship as full K2 versions and will come with K1.5 compatible nki's, which simply lack the scripts and convolution.

Existing PMI users in any sample format are offered many ways to cross-grade to the Kontakt 2 platform.There are cross grade and update disks available in the PMI on-line store. Free update packs are available on the PMI update website


  • Old Lady – $145
  • Emperor – $145
  • Steinway D – $145
  • Bosendorfer 290 – $140
  • Yamaha C7 – $100
  • Estonia – $75

For more information, visit their web site at

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