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Kilohearts announce Phase Plant hybrid modular synth with Snapin integration

Kilohearts announce Phase Plant hybrid modular synth with Snapin integration


Kilohearts are proud to announce the forthcoming launch of Phase Plant, an endlessly flexible virtual instrument that takes the company’s Snapins* eco-system to new heights.

Phase Plant combines the proven power and flexibility of Snapin effects with an array of all-new signal generation and modulation devices – it’s a state-of-the-art hybrid modular system that gives you unprecedented freedom to construct the synthesis- and/or sample-based instruments of your dreams.

Phase Plant’s single-window interface is divided into Generators, Modulators and Effects panes, into which modules are loaded and layered as required. Generator modules include the Analog and Wavetable oscillators, a high-quality sampler and a noise generator, and are accompanied by multimode filter and distortion units. Audio-rate frequency, phase and ring modulation are effortlessly brought into play between Generators, filters and distortion modules, opening up all sorts of extreme sound design possibilities.

The built-in Modulators comprise a powerful LFO with customisable waveform, an AHDSR envelope with onset delay, a Random/S+H generator, and various MIDI messages and multipliers. The per-voice and global Effects racks, meanwhile, let you integrate Kilohearts’ colourful Snapins effects modules into Phase Plant’s signal path. Six Snapins are included (Delay, Chorus, 3-Band EQ, Gain, Limiter and Stereo), another five (Compressor, Distortion, Filter, Phaser and Reverb) can be added with the optional kHs Toolbox Starter pack, and over 20 more are available individually or in a range of bundles. You don’t have to own any Snapins beyond the included six to get started with Phase Plant, but the more you have, the more you can do with it.

Add to that a massive library of presets and samples, impressively low CPU and resource usage, and Kilohearts’ signature ease of use and stellar sound quality, and you have the first must-have plugin synth of 2019.

Phase Plant is scheduled for release in Spring, priced $/€199 bundled with kHs Toolbox Starter, or $/€169 on its own. See and hear it in action in the teaser video, and try it for yourself at the 2019 NAMM Show, where Kilohearts will also be giving press interviews and hands-on demonstrations. Email to schedule an appointment.

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Price: $/€169/199. Available: Spring 2019

*About Snapins
As well as VST, AU, AAX and Rack Extension formats, every Kilohearts device also installs as a Snapin, for use with the free Snap Heap plugin. This intuitive virtual effects rack lets you host multiple Kilohearts modules in up to four parallel chains, and modulate them with onboard LFOs, envelopes and macro knobs. For even more creative juice, Kilohearts Multipass ($99) enables multiband splitting of Snapin chains – push the low end through the Compressor and Phase Distortion Snapins while treating the high frequencies to Chorus and Delay, for example.

About Kilohearts

Based in Linköping, Sweden, Kilohearts AB is a small development studio building awesome software synthesizers and effects for Mac and PC. The company’s mission is to combine quality and power with ease of use, and it aims to make its kHs Toolbox the most complete sound design bundle on the market.

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