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Kid Nepro Releases Killer Keyboards for Kontakt


December 21, 2004

The company's fourth release for users of Native Instruments' Kontakt software sampler, Kid Nepro Killer Keyboards sounds are also compatible with Native Instruments Intakt, Kompakt and Battery Samplers.

Killer Keyboards ($75) includes a wide assortment of classic keyboard samples. Rhodes and Wurlitzer Electric Pianos, Electric Grand Pianos, Hammond B3, Farfisa and Pipe Organs, D6 Clavinets, Harpsichords and a mix of layered keyboard textures. Over 100 Instruments and 28 Multi Patches.

Kontakt Sounds are also available as downloadable files at $5 per downloadpackage. Order online download delivery and have your new sounds the same day.

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For more information, visit their web site at

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