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Kid Nepro Offers Preview Versions of Upcoming Midi Mix Vol. 1

Kid Nepro Offers Preview Versions of Upcoming Midi Mix Vol. 1


July 8, 2004

Ever wonder what it sounds like when you hook up a Motif to the Triton?
Of how about a Mini Moog to a Super Jupiter or a Karma to the Wavestation?
Well so did The Patch King, and they loved the warm sound of a vintage analog
synth mixed with the clean digital sound and multi effects of a modern workstation
so much they made a new collection.

The Patch King has spent several months deep inside his collection of synths
assembling an amazing collection of sounds that he calls “Midi Mix”. Midi Mix
contains samples from over 25 of the best synthesizers released over the past
three decades. All sounds are sampled from Kid Nepro's custom made sound libraries
and then “layered together” to create new textures.

The complete Midi Mix Vol #1 will be released on CD-ROM in September. It will
have over 650 megs of samples in AIFF or WAV file format.

Ebook = Equipping Your Home Recording Studio
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In the meantime Kid Nepro has a special preview available to download at $5
per file. The new sounds include;

  • #1168 – Prophet-VS/MKS-80 Basses V1
  • #1169 – Prophet-VS/MKS-80 Basses V2
  • #1170 – Mini Moog/ Matrix-12 Basses
  • #1171 – Mini Moog/ Prophet-5 Basses
  • #1172 – Mini Moog/ Prophet-5 Leads
  • #1173 – Karma/Wavestation Special Effects
  • #1174 – Triton/Motif Pads
  • #1175 – Karma/Wavestation Pads
  • #1176 – Motif/Prophet-VS Pads

Buy six and get two free so you can get all nine new files for $35.

For more information, visit their web site at

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