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KeyToSound Announces NEXSYN Hybrid Software Instrument

KeyToSound Announces NEXSYN Hybrid Software Instrument


KeyToSound, a software instrument technology developer and manufacturer, today announced NEXSYN, a revolutionary hybrid instrument that has gained “next-generation” status by combining sample based key-map playback with an advanced synthesizer engine. Driven by its efficient and powerful audio engine, NEXSYN offers deep modulation possibilities of both sample based key-maps and traditional synthesizer components, capable of producing sonically superior high fidelity stereophonic audio.

Next-generation preset sharing through NETNOTES™NEXSYN is the first software instrument of its kind to offer NetNotes, a preset sharing technology supporting a community of musicians, sound designers, and producers. NetNotes is a revolutionary method for accessing new presets directly from NEXSYN. NetNotes enables users to upload, audition and download presets, eliminating the “down-time” spent searching preset packs, sample CD libraries or hard drives for a sought after sound. Netnotes directories can be accessed from Nexsyn in real-time right from a host sequencer or multi-track recorder allowing presets to be auditioned in a mix before acquiring them. NetNotes is an innovative solution for project studios, professional facilities, and educational institutes.

4GB stock XWM sample library provided by Big Fish AudioAn exclusive sample library was crafted by Big Fish Audio specifically for NEXSYN. The Extended Waveform Memory (XWM) format, developed by KeyToSound, coordinates large sample based key map files for playback by either streaming from disk, or loading into memory. The XWM format streamlines sample playback to accommodate the complex modulation techniques Nexsyn is capable of applying to the sample based library, drastically reducing load time. The stock XWM library consists of pianos, organs, synths, guitars, basses, reeds, brass, percussion, and effects – all capable of extreme modulation.

“I wanted to make Nexsyn an instrument that supports a community centered on creating synthesizer sounds. Nexsyn is the first to offer NetNotes, an innovative way synth programmers can upload, audition, and acquire patches from other users or organizations,” states Max Gronlund, founder of KeyToSound. “We like to call Nexsyn a 'samplesizer' because it can modulate sample based key-map files with true synthesizer techniques.”

NEXSYN Availability, Pricing, and FormatsNEXSYN will be available in February 2007 for a suggested retail price of $339 US from authorized dealers and the KeyToSound online shop. Nexsyn is a stand alone instrument and also supports Audio Units (AU), VST, and RTAS plug-in formats for both Mac and PC platforms.

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