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KEL Audio Releases Front Address Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic

KEL Audio Releases Front Address Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic


January 12, 2005

KEL Audio has released the HM-4, a front address large diaphragm condenser microphone with a focused, punchy sound.

The HM-4 features a 1-inch externally-biased cardioid capsule and offers a low frequency cut, 10 dB pad and internal pop filter.

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“The mic lends itself to close-miced vocals, as well as electric guitars, acoustic bass, kick drum, piano, and lead instruments”, says Kelly Dueck, President of Kel Audio. “If you want to bring a sound a little forward in a mix without sounding shrill the HM-4 works well.”

The HM-4 follows on the heels of the darker sounding HM-1 small diaphragm condenser mic and is an adaptation of a design originally intended for voiceover work.

“The HM-4 has an internal pop filter and bass roll-off so you can work the mic”, Dueck explains. But the addition of an attenuator lets you get in close to a source for a huge sound while taking a lot of level, if necessary. We wanted a front address configuration, as well, so it would be easy to place around drum kits and guitar amps.”

The HM-4 is available directly from Kel Audio’s website at an introductory price of $179 USD and ships with an elastic shock mount, screw-on swivel mount, and plastic foam-lined carrying case. An individual frequency plot accompanies every mic.

Kel Audio Inc. is a microphone company based in Winnipeg, Canada that is dedicated to helping home recording artists expand their creative potential.

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