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Kaltman Creations Debuts Kaltman Cable Coilers Cable Management Systems

Kaltman Creations Debuts Kaltman Cable Coilers Cable Management Systems


Pro audio industry veteran Mark Kaltman, president of Kaltman Creations LLC, has announced a new product line of innovative cable coilers and a new cable management system. The first model in the series of Kaltman Cable Coilers™ is the KCC50-5 and is touted as the world's first handheld motorized cable coiler which will coil up to 50 feet of microphone cable in less than 5 seconds. What makes the patent-pending Kaltman Cable Coiler™ particularly unique is that once the cable is coiled onto the coiler spool, the perfectly coiled cable simply slides right off for storage.

Kaltman claims that besides the ten-to-one speed advantage over hand coiling, the “perfect coil” also means no stress on the cable's internal conductors and no twisted tangles when uncoiling the cable for the next use.

In addition, you can use their patent-pending Cable Slap Ties™ which literally – in one motion – slap onto the cable, eliminating Velcro straps, the tying of rope, taping, or cable knot tying.

Originally designed for any production environment where microphone, lighter-weight speaker, lighting, and A/C cables are used, the Kaltman Cable Coilers will also work for CAT5 cables, fiber optic cables, lightweight speaker, coax cable, video cables, rope, etc; anywhere you need a perfect coil for storage.

The Kaltman Cable Coiler and Cable Slap Ties are currently being marketed to musicians & bands, touring, event production and rental companies, remotes broadcast, churches, clubs and theaters.

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