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Kaleidoskopy Offers Unusual Impulse Responses for Convolution Processors


November 14, 2004

Music software and soundware vendor Spirit Canyon Audio has released Kaleidoskopy, a collection of more than 2,000 exotic impulse response files. Kaleidoskopy transforms nearly any standard convolution reverb program into a general-purpose spectral processor.

Convolution reverbs are now well-established as an easy and powerful way for musicians and sound designers to add lush and realistic emulations of real acoustic spaces to their work. Many musicians, however, do not realize that convolution is itself little more than a filtering mechanism, one that is well suited for all sorts of creative sound design.

Spirit Canyon Audio first addressed this need with the release of Spectral Relativity in early 2004. Now, with the release of Kaleidoskopy, Spirit Canyon Audio has taken the concepts of convolution processing a step further, and made it more accessible to more conventional forms of music, such as techno, electronica, dance music, film music, IDM, drum-n-bass, pop, hip-hop, and many others.

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Kaleidoskopy is a collection of impulse responses, to be used in nearly any modern convolution engine, designed to:

  • Transform any percussion line or other rhythmic signal into an exotic but still rhythmic melange of sound
  • Put instruments into otherworldly reverberation chambers
  • Create three-dimensional spaces that have never existed in nature
  • Morph vocals into wild textures, while preserving intelligibility and even vocal character
  • Place audio into unusual rooms and other bizarre acoustic spaces
  • “Reverse” time
  • Animate comping or other instrument lines using a variety of pitch-agnostic modulators
  • Mutate audio using a variety of even more extreme impulse responses
  • Allow artists to create their own signature sound, separating their music from so many other sound-alike technologies

There are more than 2,000 impulse responses in the library amassing nearly 700MB of data, all in 24-bit stereo WAV format.

Pricing is US$34.99, with a discount for existing customers. It is available both in CD-ROM format and as a downloadable product. In addition, Spirit Canyon Audio now offers the Convolution Bundle, an option that includes both Kaleidoskopy and Spectral Relativity, that saves the customer nearly 20% off the price of the two products separately. The Convolution Bundle is priced at US$49.99.

For more information, visit their web site at

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