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David Mellor is CEO and Course Director of Audio Masterclass. David has designed courses in audio education and training since 1986 and is the publisher and principal writer of Adventures In Audio.

Wednesday May 12, 2010

Jones For Tones Productions

Jones For Tones is a Vancouver based music production company with a focus on songwriting, owned and operated by session bassist/recording artist Tony Marriott.

Recording and production as a career possibility started for me while attending Berklee College of Music in 1986. I'd had some problems with tendonitis that made me take a year off playing bass and at that time, considered changing majors to Music Production and Engineering. I spent that year studying the Berklee audio engineering textbook, getting my first Mac (512!) and building a simple 1/4" 8 track studio. The tendonitis eventually got better and I continued on to a career primarily as a session player, but I had the 'bug' and I got more and more into writing and subsequently, recording and producing. I never really sought out the producer role at first but started getting hired, initially from people hearing my work on my own CDs, and after a while was making a decent living and realized that I really enjoyed it.

Currently I work out of Blue Wave studios ( in Vancouver, which is also home to a great recording school, Pacific Audio Visual Institute ( or PAVI as they call it. Many hit records have been made here and it is a unique studio in many ways. One being, it's the only studio in western Canada with a vintage API console (previously owned by The Doobie Brothers). The live rooms here also have a special sonic quality. Studio A, is a large ambient, warm sounding room, 24 ft. x 37 ft. with 30 ft. ceilings, and studio B, is a small, carpeted, dead space, 18 ft. x 20 ft. with 14 ft. ceilings. Control room B has a rare Mitsubishi Superstar/Neve hybrid console, which is basically a Quad 8, post Mitsubishi buy out. Another cool feature is that both control rooms have identical dimensions and monitoring and have been wired so they can be used for either live room, 2" 24 track machine or the EMT plate reverb in the attic. It's also home to a large collection of vintage, Neumann, AKG, and RCA mic's and classic out board gear.

I feel very lucky to work in a studio of this calibre and especially one with a such rich musical legacy. Current projects include producing solo artist Myk Gordon, The Broken Condom Babies, Sensible Shoes, and a drum loops CD for session drummer Bill Hicks.

With my background and perspective as a session musician and songwriter, I've learned a lot about the needs of artists and in addition to engineering, I can offer songwriting, arranging, bass parts as well as access to the A list of session players and audio professionals.

Lately I've been having great success working via internet with some clients and exited about the unlimited possibilities of working with people from anywhere in the world.

I'm confident that business will continue to grow considerably as word spreads about the quality of work being done and dedication I bring to projects I'm involved with. I'm very interested in working with career minded individuals or bands with the means and desire to really go for it. I always love hearing new material, collaborating and will offer special rates for bands and artists I want to work with that are truly out there trying to succeed.

The best method to make contact is to initially send an email with a link to some samples of your music, press releases and upcoming shows etc.

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