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Johnson Introduces Delta Blues Resonator

Johnson Introduces Delta Blues Resonator


December 16, 2004

Johnson has introduced a new guitar to its collection of wood body resonators, the JR-410 Delta Blues Resonator , which was inspired by the craftsmanship of the earliest resonators.

Available in roundneck and squareneck designs, the resonator comes with a 10.5″ hand-spun continental cone, a mahogany top, back, neck and sides, and a chrome-plated bell brass coverplate and tailpiece.

The Delta Blues resonator features a satin vintage sunburst and cream body binding. The roundneck model is perfect for Delta Blues playing and other styles with its slim, standard guitar neck. The squareneck is modeled similarly to1930's resophonic guitars for sustain and playability.

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The Delta Blues resonator has a list price of $399.00.

For more information, visit their web site at

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