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Joemeek threeQ Compact Channel Strip Now Available

Joemeek threeQ Compact Channel Strip Now Available


July 23, 2004

PMI Audio Group is now shipping the Joemeek threeQ, first in a new series of mic pre's, EQ's, and dynamics processors.

Enclosed in a 1/2 rack unit and sporting the instantly recognizable “Joemeek Green” paint job, the threeQ is a console channel strip in a small package. Features include: mic and line/ instrument inputs, photo-optical compressor with compress (ratio), attack, release, and in/out switch, “meekqualizer” with shelved LF (80Hz), sweep MF, and shelved HF (12kHz) and in/out switch, and separate preamp and output gain adjustments. There's even an insert for using additional EQ's or processing and a MIX input that allows a signal to be input post EQ and dynamics.

Priced at $299.99 retail, the threeQ is targeted at the home recording market.

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