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“Jingle Junkie” by Barney Conway


Jingle Junkie is part of a Christmas Album in progress. It was recorded using Midi processing through a Behringer 900 mixer with Alesis Midiverb II, dbx Project 1 Compressor/gate, BBE Sonic Maximizer and Aphex Aural Exciter into a vintage Alesis Blackface ADAT and then mixed into computer using Cool Edit. The Keyboard is a Korg Triton Pro with a Roland Sound Canvas module on the side for the drums and other rhythm effects. Monitor speakers are the Alesis Model One Active MK2.
I've had 28 records on the Billboard Charts. I've worked with the late Curtis Mayfield, Little Richard, Blue Oyster Cult, Three Dog Night, Doc Severinsen, Marty Robbins, Donna Fargo and many others.

While this is a one-man project recorded in my home studio, I do currently have a band, The Shadows, in which I play some of my original material. The old rock & roll music and style from the late 50's early 60's is my favorite (however not obvious in “Jingle Junkie.” Another album project “Coming Home” features songs from the 60's in a cleaned-up style using all electronic horns and keyboards.

My past experience working with the likes of Curtis Mayfield gave me a strong insight into good record production techniques. While in Atlanta, I teamed up with Calvin Arnold, now retired, and Tommy Stewart. Tommy now lives in Alabama and is still active in the business. As a team, the three of us produced and released some pretty good stuff, almost all of which, made the charts.
I hope you enjoy this cut of Jingle Junkie and I welcome your comments.

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