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Is the time right to buy Waves plug-ins at bargain-basement prices?

Is the time right to buy Waves plug-ins at bargain-basement prices?


I've mentioned offers from Waves before. Waves is well-known as a company that creates high-quality, and high-price, plug-ins. But every now and then they send out an e-mail with some very special offers. 50% off and more in this case (as of May 15, 2012). That's less than half-price!

The quality of these products is not in question. I've never been dissatisfied with a Waves plug-in and they offer free trials, which is commendable in every way. However, the cut-price offers seem to come so frequently now that one would have to be a little crazy to buy at full price. No doubt sometimes one might have to – if a certain plug-in is needed on an urgent project for example.

But most of us can afford to wait. And by affording to wait, we can afford more plug-ins! See what I did there? 🙂

Clearly there is a recession on and many companies are struggling. Companies with debt on their hands are at risk of going under unless they can keep the cash flowing. Which raises a spectre…

What if Waves is teetering on the edge? Note that I'm not saying that it is. I'm saying 'what if' it is? OK, not wanting to seem to be a Waves-basher because I like their products, let me generalize this to any plug-in developer. What if the developer of your favorite plug-in goes bust? Well your plug-in will still work, but you won't get any support or upgrades.

But it will only work for so long. Will it still work after your DAW's next upgrade? And after your next OS upgrade? History has shown that this often isn't the case.

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So while your audio hardware will continue to function until it wears out and spare parts become unobtainable, your plug-ins will only work until the next DAW or OS upgrade, or while they are actively supported by the developer. However much you like any of your plug-ins, it's perhaps best not to get too attached. Sooner or later they will cease to work and you will have to find a new plug-in to love.

But hey… life is change and change is life. So let's get on and enjoy what we have now.

David Mellor

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