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IntelliScore Polyphonic Reaches Version 6.1

IntelliScore Polyphonic Reaches Version 6.1


June 29, 2004

Innovative Music Systems has announced the release of version 6.1
of its patented intelliScore music recognition software that listens to prerecorded
polyphonic music (in WAV, MP3, or CD format) and creates a MIDI file containing
the notes played, likely chord names, and overall key. The MIDI file, in
turn, is suitable for notation, cleanup/editing, and playback. Musicians and
educators can now spend more time making music and teaching and less time transcribing
unfamiliar pieces. Since intelliScore is polyphonic, it works with music
containing more than one note at a time.

IntelliScore also allows musicians to play an acoustic instrument attached
to their computer and see the notation of their performance appear instantly
in a MIDI editing or notation program, such as the included Anvil Studio. As
a real-time MIDI synthesizer controller, musicians can sing into a microphone
and hear a different instrument sound come out, playing the same notes as are
being sung. IntelliScore detects and recreates expressive nuances contained
in the original performance, such as pitch bend, vibrato, tremolo, and portamento.

The program is available direct from the company as a download for $79, or
as a boxed version for $99 plus shipping.

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For more information, visit their web site at

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