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“In Her Arms” by Shamaniaq


“In Her Arms” was inspired by the spiritual and serene Madonna-like beauty of a friend holding her newborn infant son. They are shown in the picture (which is used with permission) to illustrate the origin of the melody, and attempt to capture the peace and love a mother feels for her child.

“In Her Arms” was performed on an Access Virus TI Snow in multi mode using four patches, including the Virus E-Grand piano. It is not bad, but is a bit tricky in its response to key velocity (hence this article).

The song was played on a Korg padKONTROL with the chords pre-programmed for this piece.

It was recorded live to two tracks on a Fostex MR16HD digital recorder. Unfortunately, although levels were set prior to recording, some vigorous pad presses caused some notes of the E-Grand patch to be loud to the point of clipping.

Rescuing such a recording can be difficult.

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In this case, a Behringer FBQ1502 equalizer was used to determine which bands had most of the loudness. These bands, the piano ranging from 630Hz to about 2.5KHz, were minimized with a mild cut, and surrounded with boosts on the outside frequencies to further reduce them by comparison “at the ear.”

Then, the equalized song was pre-mastered through a TC Helicon Finalizer Express, set to a mild attack rate and compression, and slightly cutting the midrange again.

The pre-mastered track was mastered on a Fostex VF80ex set for a bright piano and a flat response, with only a touch of compression (1.1:1 and gain of 2db) with a bit of cut in the low and high ranges to brighten the piano back up.

The end result is a warm and cozy song, with the previously loud, almost explosive piano chords that had noticeable clipping when first played back brought into line with the rest of this instrumental.

The new mother liked it!

I hope you enjoy it, too.

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