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iDrum OS X Drum Machine Now Distributed by M-Audio


November 8, 2004

GlareSoft's iDrum is a fully programmable drum machine designed exclusively for Mac OS X. iDrum integrates seamlessly with GarageBand, Logic, Digital Performer and other applications that support AudioUnit plug-ins–or runs as a stand-alone application. For extra fun, iDrum is completely skinnable, including the ability to change skins on the fly.

iDrum is designed to be as simple to use as the hardware drum machines of yesteryear, but with all the flexibility of a software-based virtual instrument. Users can create perfectly timed drum patterns in iDrum right alongside existing tracks, or use iDrum as the backbeat when laying down new tracks. Hundreds of pre-programmed patterns and rhythms are included, and users can create their own as well.

Creating drum patterns in iDrum is both easy and flexible. Users can choose from a library of included patterns, enter steps with the mouse, trigger sounds with a MIDI controller, drag and drop a pattern to the desktop for instant MIDI file creation and/or drag and drop a WAV or AIFF file to an iDrum channel. Users can load any AIFF or WAV sound file up to 2MB in size as a drum sample, making iDrum's sonic palette limited only by the imagination. iDrum will also export patterns and songs as AIFF audio, MIDI and GarageBand-compatible AIFF for further editing.

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iDrum features an array of sound-shaping DSP functions such as filters, amp envelope, and crunchy old-school drum machine bit-reduction. Each drum sound has individual controls for a wide variety of parameters including volume, pan, mute, solo, sound audition, sound selection, transpose, decay, high-pass filter, and low-pass filter. Two “choke” groups also provide for effects likeopen/closed hi-hat.

iDrum is currently shipping with an MSRP of $49.95 USD, and distributed by M-Audio.

For more information, visit their web site at www.glaresoft.com

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