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“Idle Pop” by Keith Gould


My self-produced track 'Idle Pop'
and the cover art from Volume VII, the 3 track release from whence it came.

It was written, recorded, performed and produced by me in my acoustically challenged former residence in NW
London-it was an estate next to a major rail artery out of London. You may be able to hear freight trains
pass between words, or my next door neighbour's screaming infant the local pit-bulls, poilce sirens or the habitual hedge trimmers in the background. Still I used what I had available.

Mics were SM57, £100 U87 copy, tandy realistic, akg c3000, synths GEM equinox, Yamaha CS01. Mac G4 running
Cubase VST (pre SX) with about 5 soft synths. Guitar Fender Jaguar (modified with humbucker), Yamaha 01V mixer, tannoy reveals, TLA valve compressor/DI.

Vox were recorded with home made vocal booth (ikea mirror/ screen with duvets) and pop shield and BVs in
bathroom. Guitars thru TLA fatman and amp sim on 01V.

Everything else programmed in. Mastered by Emasters.

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Of the three tracks on Volume VII, Idle pop is the most traditional in instrumentation. There's 2 vox,
guitars, and programmed synths doing piano, drums, and a moogy patch shadowing the guitar. Accessible in the
lyrics and catchy in the chorus, this is a fantasticly cheeky parody of reality TV style singer/ wannabe
celebrity culture by fantastically skilled solo artist


[…former student of David Mellor, Denise, Rob, Two Steves, Mal, Joe Duffy, Charles, Dr Mick Grierson and

Now preparing second three track release, PETROL ON DYNAMITE + FLAMETHROWER mastered by Andy Jackson @
tubemasters, previews on

Keef is currently seeking
musical collaborators to form a band and gig. Pref
based N/W/C London, contact via myspace/keefsystems.


Further information is available at

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