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Our A&R department occasionally features music from our website visitors. Our visitors are invited to write a commentary about how their music was made. Sometimes their spelling isn't all that good.

Thursday November 30, 2006

This tune was written and recorded as a project tune to promote a software release for Keynote Systems. We're all employees or closely associated with the company. Glenn Mayo had the idea and drove the artistic vision. Mike Jones engineered the session.

We tracked the basic tracks live in my upstairs, make-shift studio. We over dubbed some guitar solos and the lead a background vocals.

Instruments included an Ovation 12 string, Fender Stratocaster, Gibson SG, Padulla bass and Taye drums. You can also hear an old fender lap steel part. I record into a PC from a Behringer DDX3216 to an RME Digi 9652 with the DAW being a homemade PC with an AMD CPU running Sonar 6.x. Microphones are mostly 58's with a cheap set of CAD drum mics on a real drum set. Glenn Mayo wrote and arranged the tune and Mike Jones engineered the session.

The tune was intentionally recorded with a lot of track bleed-over with a ton of guitar solos blended together to create the crazy multi-tracked set of guitar solos at 1:03. The tune is the result of a bunch of co-workers getting together to create music and have fun to create an internal theme song for a new software release. I think the tune stands up to commercial scrutiny and given the "cheap and dirty" recording process, delivers on a certain pop feel with the intentional "big hook" in the chorus. We'd love to get some feedback on this effort.

Musicians; Glenn Mayo, lead and background vocals and guitars; Braden Jones, Guitar; Ian Jones, drums; Stefan Lundaahl, Bass; Cheeku Samuel, Guitar; Mike Jones, percussion. Engineered by Mike Jones and produced by Glenn Mayo.

Further information is available at

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